Monday, November 12, 2007

Good News

I had a routine PET scan last week ordered by my doctor. He called me this morning to tell me that it looked like a good report. He said there was a little activity on the right side but the numbers were below what he would be concerned over. He said it was probably due to the surgery in that area and radiation twice to that area. There was no sign of spreading to other parts of my body. He said he would keep a watch on me and order another scan in 6-8 months. So that was good news. He had a full day of surgery today but took the time between surgeries to call and let me know the results he had received. That means a lot. He's always called me to tell me the results from tests and such. I really appreciate that about him. He called me on my cellphone at work since I wasn't home. My battery died right about the end of the conversation. (blushing-I mean how embarrassing is that to have your cellphone die while talking to your surgeon!) He was even nice enough to call back to my cellphone and leave a voice message of what he was saying when the battery died.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

He takes me back to bring me back

I know I haven't posted as much lately...been wondering what God might want me to do with my blog now. It kinda bothered me that I didn't have a 'fresh' word to share with anyone who might read it. However, I think God impressed on me today that the blog wasn't started just to keep others informed of what was going on with me for a few months. It is, also, here for come back to and refresh myself with the wonderful words God has spoken to me. Words of love, faithfulness, commitment, understanding. If it means taking me back to bring me back, I'm all for it. It is my desire to share God's words with others, though, whenever He leads, and I mean to do so.