Thursday, February 14, 2008

Visit with doctor today

We saw my oncologist today. He consulted with another oncologist in Birmingham about his proposed treatment plan with Erbitux. She concurred with his treatment plan. Though, I don't think she would have swayed his conviction, it was confirmation that this is right for her to agree with him. So I will begin treatments in 2 weeks. I will have 8 consecutive weeks, once a week, just like in the summer. Then the plan is for me to continue with the Erbitux once a month for an extended period. At least I've got this option and there is not a need to go with conventional chemo treatments. I've been blessed with very nice doctors who truly want to see me healed.

I start in 2 weeks so that I can spend next week with my Monkey Boys. The Monkey Boys mom and dad and sister, Monkey Girl, will be going to Hawaii for the week. What fun to get to spend the week with my grandsons while their parents and sister get to enjoy a special time in a special place.

I do have a praise. I returned to Birmingham last week to have a place biopsied on my tongue that looked suspicious to me. Thankfully, my doctor called Saturday to tell me it was only inflamed tissue. He said he had two pathologists check it giving them my history with this cancer. He said he was happy. I told him I was, too :)
It may have never been anything, but who am I to deny that God might have completely healed it before it was removed!

I have set the LORD always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 16:8 NIV)

We must offer ourselves to God like a clean, smooth canvas and not worry ourselves about what God may choose to paint on it, but at each moment, feel only the stroke of His brush.-- Jean Pierre de Caussade

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