Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I saw my surgeon today in Birmingham for my check-up. I told him the place on my neck hasn't changed. He felt it and said it felt like it was just sitting there. He said he was okay with it just sitting there. We are, too...rather that than showing any change.

I'm trying to get over a yeast infection in my mouth, though. It flared up really bad after treating a sinus infection with a couple of antibiotics. The prescription for the yeast infection (or thrush) cleared it up after about 3 days (though, I continued to finish the medicine as directed), but then it came back...so I've been treating it for about 3 1/2 weeks with a couple of prescriptions. When I saw my radiation doctor on Friday for my checkup with him, he gave me a prescription for something different to try. My B'ham doctor agreed. So, hopefully, this will do the job. My radiation dr. said it's probably an ongoing thing because of my immune system being so low. That explains why my tongue looked so normal after the first 3 days on the medicine. It hasn't looked normal in 2 1/2 years since I had radiation to my mouth, so I've probably been dealing with this all this time and nobody said anything. It explains why my mouth has been so sore and sensitive at times since I'm feeling the same thing right now.

I finished the 8 weeks of Erbitux and have had my first monthly treatment. Most of the symptoms have cleared up and it doesn't look like I will have them so bad with just having monthly treatments. It is nice to have 3-4 weeks between them.
That's all for now.

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Lightbringer88 said...

I have no idea who you are; but I found your comment in 'Kyle's blog with his Louie "How Great Is Our God" post, having just watched both DVDs my stepuncle lent me.

I've not used blogspot for years, but I still want to just encourage you that regardless of what kind of nonsense you're going trough, God is still sovereign.

I'm just a 19-turning-20 pre-enlistee, and I have no idea again how many times you've heard that; but I believe that God causes all things to work for the good, and whatever nonsense you're going through is the same.

My cell group just watched Prince of Egypt again a few days ago, nearly ten years after its release, and watching an interpretation of God's wonders has strengthened my faith. No doubt you know the song "When You Believe". I'm Pentecostal(Assemblies of God), and I still believe in God's ability to heal and work miracles even now, and so I'll pray for you in my devotional times to get completely better; if not to renew the strength to go through your situation.

This may be probably the last time you hear from me (I usually don't appear randomly to strangers), but I think it would be nice to know that there's at least some random kid in Singapore who is praying for you.

...Although I think God may be grinning when I ask Him to heal 'Daughter of the King', being that I don't see your name anywhere. Oh well.

God bless and strengthen you, and may you fight the good fight always.