Friday, July 3, 2009


I follow Josh Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye), and he posted this link to his Sunday, June 28th, message on Facebook. I listened to the message and made notes while listening. It was so uplifting for some who have circumstances to overcome.

Josh Harris – June 28, 2009 Covenant Life Church

Change is God’s agenda, and it’s for His glory.
Change is God’s agenda, and it’s for His glory.
Change is not something we have the idea of and then we do it and get the credit for it.
No, God is the One who has come on a rescue mission in Jesus Christ to bring about lasting, real heart level change--and when that change occurs, we don’t get the praise.
God gets the praise because Jesus is the One who accomplished it.
Change is God’s agenda. When you know this living God, it pushes out human pride, and it also pushes out despair--because when you know Him, you realize there’s no place for despair and hopelessness when you serve that kind of God. He might not answer your prayer in the way you want. He might not come to you on your timetable, but He can be trusted.
So, here’s the important thing to remember about change: It’s not our idea.
If (you’re a non-Christian and) you realize your life has been destroyed by your sin, you know you don’t have a right relationship with God…do you realize the change that you desire in your life--if there’s even the smallest glimmer of desire to know God and be forgiven by God--that didn’t start with you. That’s God’s agenda in your life. He’s working in your life. He’s giving you that desire. Respond to it. Respond to Him.

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