Friday, January 7, 2011


Came across this article today (Estrogen May Play Role in Rising Rates of Head, Neck Cancer) and found it quite interesting considering my cancer history. The breast cancer I had in 2000 was estrogen receptive. I had been diagnosed with the pre-cancerous lesions, leukoplakia, on my tongue in 1995. It sounds like the article is saying that they already know that estrogen can be a factor for changes in the lungs when smoking has been a factor resulting in lung cancer. So now they are looking into the changes estrogen may cause for some with pre-cancerous cells that result in oral, head, & neck cancer as well.  They have seen when the enzyme, CYP1B1, is targeted and slowed down it could help prevent lesions from progressing. This would be a wonderful finding to prevent further progression into O,H,&N cancer. Cancer research is alive and well!!

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