Saturday, July 2, 2011

Step by Step

Oh, God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You,
Oh, God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You.
I will seek You in the morning, and I will learn to walk in Your ways,
And step by step You'll lead me, and I will follow You all of my days.
"Sometimes by Step" by Rich Mullins
Sung by Brooke Fraser Ligertwood

We just got home from Birmingham. This was one of the songs I listened to on our way back. Brooke Fraser songs just lift my spirit at just the right moment.

Surgery went well. I was told to be at the hospital at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning. My surgery was about 12-12:30. Don't know exactly when. I just know I was present in the operating room before it started ;)  Recovery wasn't a great experience due to a not so attentive nurse. I'll just leave it at that. (I didn't have to have a feeding tube this time. I know pain meds will be my friend for the next few days, though.) 

The Dynasplint did its work once again. The doctor basically did the very same surgery as before to get deeper margins all around this time. They weren't able to do a quick test in surgery. I still have inflamed tissue that needs to fully heal from the surgery on May 27th, and the results of a quick test wouldn't have been reliable.

I should, hopefully, find out the results of the pathology report on Thursday when we go back to Birmingham for my follow-up appointment. Please pray that we get a good report. The doctor said he felt good about the surgery, but he's now done everything he can do robotically.

This was my devotional from Jesus Calling on Monday: "Rest with me a while. You have journeyed up a steep, rugged path in recent days. The way ahead is shrouded in uncertainty. Look neither behind you nor before you. Instead, focus your attention on Me, your constant Companion. I will equip you fully for whatever awaits you on your journey. I designed time to be a protection for you. You couldn't bear to see all your life at once. Though I am unlimited by time, it is in the present moment that I meet you.
I am with you, watching over you wherever you go. Psalm 143:8; Genesis 28:15

One thing I do know. My God is sovereign.


Carol said...

Wow! Cathy...what a timely devotion! That really speaks right to your situation...funny how God can do that!! (Imagine that!)

Praying for you sweet girl to continue to heal, eat, swallow and talk real soon!

Love you!

Wanda said...

I love the devotional! It does speak to your heart! I know it spoke to mine. Again, such a sweet spirit you have Cathy. An inspiration to us all. May God give you comfort from your pain and may you rest and recover quickly! Prayers for you as you get well. Love you!


Melinda Cochran said...

Cathy, I pray you have a good day today. I agree with the others that the devotional was there for you at the appropriate time. I am so sorry you are going through all this and I am praying for your full recovery and that you will be cancer free. No matter what, I know for sure that you are truly a daughter of the King. Your faith will see you through. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. (I really mean that!) Love you, my friend.

Lynne said...

Cathy , I am rejoicing you came through well and Jeff and I will be praying for a good report. God is so faithful to give us just what we need in his Word and an abundant awareness of HIS presence.
Thinking and praying for you often. Love, Lynne (Harmon) Andler