Friday, May 13, 2011

Hurry up and wait

If you've been checking back here to see what we found out on Tuesday, sorry for the wait. We finally heard back from MD Anderson today at 4:30. After we didn't get the call on Tuesday...or Wednesday, I called the doctor's office yesterday morning. I was told the dr. was in surgery, and they'd get a note to him and his nurse. She called today around 1:30. She had no idea why she was calling me back. After I explained, she said they were in clinicals and would call back when finished. I asked her what time that might be, and she said about 2:30. She called back at 4:30. She basically told me everything we already know. The radiation oncologist concluded I can't have anymore radiation. She did tell me that the medical oncologist relayed information to my oral surgeon in Birmingham and my oncologist here about induction chemo before surgery to reduce the tumor. She said that Dr. H recommended the dr. at UAB for robotics surgery. She then asked me if I was interested in robotics surgery! Um, that's why we were referred to MDA! So it looks like I'll be calling my dr. in Birmingham on Monday to get him to make an appt. with the dr. at UAB. Also, I'll be calling my medical oncologist to get an appt. to see what he thinks about the possibility of chemo before surgery. It better be good! I'm not crazy about spending weeks with chemo to "see if it works" when the tumor could continue to grow. I'm ready for surgery. It has gotten more painful. Feels like a sore throat all the time. It has already been 4 weeks since I saw my B'ham dr. Sure thought we'd be closer to being finished by now!

Tony Evans' post on Twitter this morning was timely and comforting: "When God is silent, He is not still." Also, on Tuesday, the reading from Max Lucado's new devotional, Live Loved. It was entitled, "Problems Have a Purpose". Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory. Psalm 50:15 NLT. He ended the devotional with these words: "Your pain has a purpose. Your problems, struggles, heartaches, and hassles cooperate toward one end--the glory of God" (from It's Not About Me). It's also been good to reread a book a friend gave me two years ago, A Reason for Hope--Gaining Strength for Your Fight Against Cancer by Michael S. Barry. And this from last Saturday in Jesus Calling, "Do not fear what this day, or any day, may bring your way. Concentrate on trusting Me and on doing what needs to be done. Relax in My sovereignty, remembering that I go before you, as well as with you, into each day. Fear no evil, for I can bring good out of every situation you will ever encounter. (Genesis 50:20 NASB; Psalm 23:4)

God is good...ALL the time!

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