Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This show is on the road

I called my Birmingham dr's office and my oncologist's office yesterday. Both of their assistants called me back asking, "What's going on?" Neither had gotten any reports from MD Anderson. I faxed them the PET & CT reports, the radiation oncologist report, and the nurse's telephone report from Friday. Within 30 minutes the nurse from Birmingham called to tell me she had gotten me an appointment with the robotic surgery doctor at 2:00 for today. Would I be able to come?  I said "Absolutely!" The other assistant called to say that my oncologist wants me to see the new surgeon before seeing him. Ok, that's what I'm talkin' about!
Today was amazing! We got good news from the new doctor, Dr. M. He has scheduled the robotic surgery for next Friday, May 27. He at first said it would probably take a few weeks. He said he'd have to check his surgery schedule. Then he came back in and said, "I hope you don't have big plans for Memorial Day weekend because I can do it next Friday, the 27th". We said, "DO IT!" He said he will attempt to do it. My mouth doesn't open as wide as optimally needed. He said if he can't get all the instruments in my mouth, I will just wake up without surgery. I will get a device, a Dynasplint, tomorrow that will help stretch my jaws so that, hopefully, by next week my mouth will open wider. I'm supposed to use it 3 times a day starting out at about 5-6 minutes each time. I'm to increase my time every day by 1 minute each time. The doctor said he thinks there's a 60% chance he can do it. But with God all things are possible!! And as a friend pointed out, that's 100%! He said I will have a feeding tube through my nose for 1-2 weeks because my throat will be so sore I won't be able to swallow.
The alternative surgery would be so much more involved and with a feeding tube for about a month. God has orchestrated everything so far, I'm trusting He makes this possible, 100%! Prayer works!!

And may I just add: To God be the glory! It's all in His timing.

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