Saturday, May 28, 2011

Singing His praises

Well, if I COULD sing His praises I would, but I'm singing them in my heart! It's hard to explain how God has gone above and beyond to meet my needs. I don't know why that would be so hard. I mean He is God, and He can do whatever He wants to do. I'm just thankful He's choosing to bless me and our family!

It was amazing the total peace I had throughout the day on Thursday as we prepared to travel to Birmingham and made the trip, getting there about 7:00 p.m. I was amazed at the total peace I had as we got up at 4:30 a.m. on Friday morning to be at the hospital at 5:00. I was amazed at the total peace I had as they got me ready in pre-op and waited for them to take me back. I was amazed at the total peace I had as they wheeled me into the operating room and they prepared me even more. I just knew that when I woke up, whatever the outcome, God was in control. Whether I was able to have robotic surgery Friday morning or had to schedule the more difficult surgery for another day. How happy I was to wake up in recovery and realize I was in recovery because I had just had surgery!!! When I was able to see my husband, he was able to tell me the details. The hard work with the Dynasplint had worked. The doctor said I had gained probably 9mm in range of motion for my mouth. He said that made all the difference in being able to do the robotic surgery successfully. (Of course, I know it was the tons of prayers going up on my behalf as well to make it possible!) He told John that when he cut into my tongue he was able to see the tumor and remove it. The borders he got in the OR were clean. It sounded like when my other doctor has removed tumors from my neck. It was under the surface. 

I did have to come home with a nasal feeding tube. My doctor said he didn't want to take a chance that it would be too painful to swallow, and I would become dehydrated. So I'm up to 4 Boosts plus water and the goal is 6 Boosts plus water. Not to mention the meds I will be crushing to go down via feeding tube. Thank goodness for liquid Tylenol which is easy to push through the tube. Oh, that's another praise. I have very little pain and Tylenol helps with that. Because there is still swelling in my throat, it is still difficult to swallow by mouth very well. Hopefully, that will improve in a couple of days. I'm free to drink liquids, milkshakes or have ice cream when I feel up to it. We're supposed to go back Thursday and will most likely have the tube removed then.

I can't begin to express the amount of thanks to all of you who have been prayer warriors for us through this. All I can say is: Prayer Works!! and God Is Good...All the Time!!

I will keep you posted as I progress. Just so grateful to share this huge praise and answered prayer! It's good to be home. I'm sure I will have to find the right position for sleeping comfortably for the next week, but I'm sure Ambien will help :)

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Carol said...

So happy to hear your are home and doing well. I too, am so grateful and thankful to our King!

Praying for His Blessings to continue to heal you.

Love you!