Friday, June 1, 2007

After one week

Okay, it's been a week since my first Erbitux treatment, and I had my second one yesterday. The acne-type rash did start a day or two after the first treatment. I felt pretty bad from Friday to Monday...achy, fatigue, weakness...general malaise. I was better enough on Tuesday to go to work for about 3 hours but went straight home after my radiation treatment at 1:15. The same for Wednesday. With my appointment being at 10:30 a.m. yesterday, I knew the Benadryl wouldn't be worn off enough to go to work...and I don't work on Fridays anyway. Even though the Erbitux dose was almost half the amount as last week, it still took long enough that my husband took me straight to my 1:15 RT appointment when it was finished. It seemed the Decadron I had been given might have helped to calm down the rash a bit, but lo, it was in full force again this morning. It has been on my forehead and nose, but looks like it is spreading out on my face and I can tell it's on my scalp as well. I'm using Neutrogena Anti-Itch Moisturizer when the itching and stinging start bothering me too much. At least I can use makeup ;) Hope this is not TMI(too much information)! I didn't wake up feeling bad this morning like I did last Friday. I started feeling it coming on more this afternoon. But my goodness, when you cut the dose to almost half, that's got to help some! The radiation treatments are still going okay. I'm so hoping my skin doesn't get burned too much. I had that experience during my last RT's and that was no fun at all.

I did have to change my Colorado trip to August. That will give me at least a month to be finished with all the treatments before I go. That is something I can look forward to as I countdown the next five weeks. :)

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