Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just Believe

God knows my struggles. He never condemns but continues to confirm His word to me.

Today I watched a movie I had recorded on DVR to watch when I had a chance. It was The Nativity Story. The first thing that spoke to me about how much God wants one to believe what He says to them is when Zacharias was stricken silent...because he did not believe that God would allow his wife, Elizabeth, to bear a son in her old age (Luke 1:20). Mary went to spend time with her cousin, Elizabeth, after she learned she would also bear a son, the Son of God. Elizabeth said to her, "Blessed is she who believes the Lord's words" (Luke 1:45).

God doesn't want me to struggle to believe His words to me. He doesn't want me to have unbelief...doubt. He just, simply, wants me to believe.

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