Friday, June 29, 2007

Abundant Life

The following post is in response to questions posed in a Max Lucado devotional on abundant life. I don't know exactly when I journaled this, but I thought I'd share it. As Max said in the devotional, "Your goal is not to live long; it's to live."

I believe both of my grandmothers aged gracefully, still full of unconditional love and wisdom. What is the difference between living long and really living? Living long is just adding another year to your life. Really living is making the most of every year God gives--whether long or not. Some people fight the natural aging process mostly out of fear. I would think fear of the unknown, fear of losing control-not being in control, having to be dependent on someone else, maybe.
Looking over a lifetime and evaluating its worth should be done in the light of God's word and His purpose--individual purpose. How can we enjoy the life God gives us--by realizing and accepting that we aren't put here for our own pleasure but for His pleasure and for whatever purpose He has always intended for us. I would think old age gives more ability to enjoy life. You have become seasoned by the good and the bad, wisdom gained from it all...and the fullness that God continues to add through children and grandchildren.
I guess to me the best stage of life is watching my children with their families, especially when they choose to point their families to God. The most challenging, to me, is raising and bringing my children up in the admonition of God and hoping I've done it right to keep them pointed to God--no matter what kind of choices they may make in their future.
To keep from feeling discouraged about growing old, again, is to focus on God's purpose for us to be here--even when growing old. Oh, dear God, that I will never lose sight that I'm not here for myself, but for You--and that Your purpose for me and my life will continue to the last day that You give me here on this earth--no matter what age I might be!

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