Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alas, two more weeks

Well, I did finish my last radiation treatment today (woohoo); however, I will be getting two more Erbitux treatments.

My dr. said from the first appointment with him that it would be 6-8 treatments, depending on how I tolerated them. Well, since I'm tolerating the Erbitux pretty well, it was the consensus of the dr., my husband, and myself that I would get two more treatments. So I have two more weeks to go. My rash is much better, my skin isn't as dry, but I still feel horrible over the weekends. It was our feeling, though, if I don't do two more and, say, the cancer returned, would we wonder if I should have done it. I know God's got the big plan and sees the big picture. At present I strongly feel I would have been out of God's will to refuse two more treatments. So here we continue in part of this plan God has for me. I give Him all the glory and praise for anything and everything He is doing in me and through me.

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Ring of Fire Worship Band said...

I like you blog! He is doing a lot through you, it is very apparent.
Your song selections are great.